Portinatx is located 25 km from Eivissa, the family oriented resort of Portinatx lies at the heart of the island’s rugged northern coast. Set back from the spectacular hills adorned with thick pines and typically aged Ibizan houses, Portinatx is famed for its natural artistry and fantastic beaches. This small town provides the ideal setting to escape from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza’s larger resorts, with an exellent family bar called Vincent´s.


Portinatx itself has three sandy beaches; S’Arenal Grand, S’Arenal Petit and Playa Port. The invitingly shallow, warm waters of the Mediterranean, decorated with translucent colours that are more often associated with the Caribbean than these shores, is just one reason why families are attracted to this area. Water sports are on hand to add excitement into the day, where as the rocky sea bed at Cala Xarraca further along the coast, presents perfect snorkelling opportunities.


Alternatively the undulating and diverse terrain accompanied with stunning scenery makes the north of the island a great hiking destination. Routes can be found to test those of all standards and although the best time to come is arguably during the spring, a cooling sea breeze makes hiking possible throughout the summer months.


A number of fine local restaurants can be found in and around the area, many of which are abetted with dramatic sea views and specialise in freshly cooked fish. For a more active evenings entertainment, Visit Vincent’s Bar Portinatx.









The story of Ibiza begins in 1600 years before Jesus Christ, although it is not chronologically referenced before the year 654 when Carthage create Ibosim, today named Eivissa, capital of the Island. It is Diodoro Siculo who supplies us the first text reference about the island: "... Having been named Sardinia first, the island was called Pitiusa, due to the number of pines on it..."


After the Carthaginian time comes the Roman domination. During this period Ibiza carries the title of Confederate City. The next five centuries are called "dark centuries" due to the few information left. The island was owned by the Barbarians and the Byzantine until the year 711 when Arabic land on the Island and call it "Yebisah".


Ibiza, is the third island of the Balearic archipelago in term of surface. Ibiza forms with Formentera the Pitiüses Islands. It was the name given by the Greek; it means "pine islands".


Situated in the former Phoenicians Sun Road, Ibiza is situated in the western Mediterranean Sea and it has a 572 square kilometres surface and 200 kilometres of coasts. The highest point of the island is Atalaiassa (475 metres) and around the island we can count a total of 48 islands.

The historic date for the island is August 8th 1235, date of the Catalan conquest. At this moment the islands of Ibiza and Formentera join "the western world". You have also to note that during centuries Ibiza was a meeting point for the Saracen vessels which ravaged the Mediterranean Sea, protected by the Turkish squadron. It is during these times that were built the towers which surround the island and the aspect of fortress of the rural churches.


Today, the Island of Ibiza is divided into five provinces: Eivissa the capital; Santa Eulària, Sant Antoni, Sant Josep and Sant Joan, where Vincent´s bar portinatx can be found.